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"According to a recent study, 60 percent of Americans experience some form of health proplem due to the use of technology during the day. Most of these conditions affect the musculoskeletal system and many are seen by chiropractors. "


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General Services
Better health isn't achieved by applying a particular technique, but rather by looking at a particular health issue and employing the appropriate techniques and services that will best achieve the desired outcome. In our office, we provide a comprehensive offering of chiropractic and related services that include:



Related Services:
Exercise Instruction
Nutritional Consultation
Nutritional and Orthopedic Products
Self-Help Coaching


We specialize in applying these techniques and services to solve problems related to:

Work related injuries
Other traumatic injuries
Maintaining health
Aging and activities


Chronic conditions

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Chiropractic Services
Are you looking for a particular chiropractic method? Do you have a have a health issue that no one seems to be able to solve? Dr. Charap can leverage her many years of experience and extensive training to correctly select and successfully apply any of the following methods:

Full Spinal Adjusting
Neurovasomotor Reflex Technique (Non-force Method)
Sacro-Occipital Technique (De Jarnette)
Palmer Specific  (Upper cervical adjusting)
Activator  (High-impact, low-force instrument)
Flexion-Extension Traction  (Cox Method / Eckhardt)
Thompson Method  (Drop pelvic maneuver)
Extremity Adjusting
Logan Basic
Neuromechanical Impulse Adjusting Tool

Any combination of these may be used, depending upon the diagnosis of the problem and the health demands of the patient. And remember, you are always included in the decision process for any treatment plan.

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The professional staff at Dr. Charap's office is trained in and practice many types of massage, including: 



Trigger Point  
Deep Tissue


And along with offering many methods of message, the highly experienced staff has expertise in dealing with many different problem areas, such as:

Pain syndromes


Repetitive stress syndrome 
General tension


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Acupuncture is a proven technique for relieving chronic pain and many other health problems. The procedure is fast, comfortable, and safe - sterile needles are used only once. Acupuncture is part of a larger healing system, Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also includes moxybustion, herbal therapy, massage techniques, heat therapy, guided meditation, breathing exercises, and Qigong exercises. Together they are very effective when used to address:

Chronic pain and fatigue
Anxiety and insomnia
Women's health issues
Immune deficiencies
The support of other therapies, such as chemotherapy

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Other Services

Nutritional and Orthopedic Products: Our office stocks a broad selection of high quality nutritional supplements. We also offer a variety of proven orthopedic products such as joint braces and supports, backrests, pillows and hot and cold packs.

Nutritional Consultation: Nutrition is a key element in a person´s well-being and ability to heal, and can be an effective way to approach weight loss, chronic conditions and many other health concerns.  Dr. Alice Charap is available for dietary and nutritional consultation. 

Exercise Instruction: Whenever specific exercises are recommended, we make sure you are fully instructed on how the do the exercise properly in order to maximize their benefit to you.