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"According to a recent study, 60 percent of Americans experience some form of health proplem due to the use of technology during the day. Most of these conditions affect the musculoskeletal system and many are seen by chiropractors. "


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Contact Information
Dr. Alice K. Charap is conveniently located at 15th Street and Market, one block away from the Church Street Muni Station.

Dr. Alice Charap
2191 Market Street, Suite D
San Francisco, CA 94114 
Phone: (415) 863-4424

We are located close to the Octavia St. offramp of the 101 freeway, only 10 minutes from the San Francisco Financial District

We are also serviced by the following mass transit lines:

Church Street MUNI Metro (K-L-M-T Lines)
J Chuch, N Judah, and the historical F-Marke MUNI metrot (street Level)
22 Filmore and 37 Corbett bus lines
16th and Mission BART

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Are you experiencing specific health issues and haven't been able to find effective treatment? Have questions that no one has answered to your satisfaction? Dr. Alice K. Charap is pleased to announce that she is now offering free phone consultations!

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